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Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy supports the right of people with disability, or of the carers and families of people with disability, to make a complaint without retribution. Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will take all reasonable steps to ensure that anyone involved in making a complaint is not victimised, and will inform complainants of how they will do this.

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy’s complaints and disputes policy and procedure will be accessible to clients and people with disability. Copies of the complaints and disputes mechanisms will be available, written in clearly understandable language. Provisions will also be made for people from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background with disability to have access to material relating to complaints and disputes policy and procedures where required. The material explaining the complaints and disputes system will make explicit that there will be no retribution against anyone who makes a complaint against our agency.

Step One

In the first instance, the person with disability is encouraged to discuss the matter with the person perceived to be responsible for the grievance. If the person with disability feels unable to discuss the matter directly with the person involved, for instance because the allegation is a serious one such as sexual harassment, the matter should be referred directly to the Management Committee.

Confidentiality and privacy should be respected as much as possible.

Step Two

If the matter is not resolved by discussion with the involved parties, the grievance should be referred to the Management Committee. The Management Committee will form a sub-committee to address grievances.

This subcommittee will discuss with the complainant whether the complainant requires a support person to assist them through the dispute resolution process.

Step Three

Where the dispute cannot be resolved at Committee level, the Committee will appoint, with the complainant’s approval, an independent conciliator to assess the grievance. The conciliator will report on the outcome to the Committee and the client.

Step Four

Disputes that are still unresolved after this stage should be referred to an external body.

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