Identifying Individual Needs


When a person with a disability is recruited into the citizen advocacy program, an individual protégé profile is developed which identifies the needs of that person. The individual profile will:

  • clearly identify the vulnerability of the protégé
  • identify the goals and needs of the protégé
  • provide the basis for developing a profile of a citizen advocate who will be matched with the protégé
  • include relevant details of the protégé’s personal history, as well as details of age, sex, and cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds. Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will ensure that the protégé is treated appropriately according to any cultural or linguistic needs identified in this process
  • where relevant and appropriate, work with the family, carers and friends of the protégé to identify the protégé’s needs.

The individual profile will be periodically reviewed by our agency in consultation with the person with disability to take account of their changing circumstances and needs.

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will, as much as possible, take into account the specific needs and issues identified in the client profile when providing planning and undertaking advocate recruitment for the protégé.

Supporting Individual Needs

The matching process used by Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will be:

  • sensitive to each client’s age, sex, cultural and religious background
  • as much as possible, planned around the preferred advocacy objectives of the protégé.

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will:

  • inform protégés about how their needs will be met
  • where possible, inform protégés of timeframes for actions undertaken with and on their behalf
  • use the information from the individual profile to appropriately match citizen advocates to protégés.

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will ensure that Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) and Indigenous clients are provided with culturally appropriate services and are adequately supported through the advocacy process.

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