Participation and Integration


Our advocacy agency will:

  • educate staff regarding:
    • the importance of ending the discrimination, segregation and neglect of people with disability in the community
    • the importance of participation by people with disability in regular activities in the community
  • encourage staff, volunteers and citizen advocates to develop links between our agency and people and groups that will benefit people with disability
  • where possible and appropriate, participate in community education or activities to promote greater understanding and awareness of disabilities.

To enable effective integration and participation, our agency will maintain and develop relationships with the local community, as well as coordinating with other agencies to be an effective community partner.

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will:

  • provide information to citizen advocates about resources, activities and opportunities for participation and inclusion of protégés in local community events/ activities. Information will be filed and updated regularly, and made available for use by and for protégés.
  • Support advocates to provide protégés with information about general community facilities and services and how to use them
  • support people with disability to form and maintain a variety of appropriate ties, connections and involvements in the community.

Systemic change policy

Sunshine Coast citizen Advocacy does not undertake systemic advocacy directly. The program will contribute to effective systemic advocacy efforts by:

  • documenting the issues citizen advocates and protégés identify
  • identifying trends and any ongoing systemic issues
  • referring any systemic issues to a systemic advocacy agency and ensure follow up with the agency.


The Policy Manual, including the Participation and Integration Policy, is available to all consumers and potential consumers in a suitable format.


The Participation and Integration Policy will be reviewed at least every 12 months, more often if necessary.

This policy will be reviewed by staff, members of the Committee of Management and consumers, in General Meetings or Special General Meetings or consultation by mail or telephone.

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