Valued Status


Supporting People with disability to achieve ‘Valued Status’

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will:

  • support people with disability to obtain the same rights as other citizens through the advocacy process.
  • operate from a physical environment which encourages participation of people with disability and their family members/ carers (fully accessible premises in local community areas)
  • ensure that venues for meetings, conferences, workshops, etc are accessible
  • involve people with disability in the management, planning or operations of Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy, where possible and appropriate.
  • identify and respond to the needs and ideas for developing sustainable connections and networks in the community, which will support people with disability’s valued status.
  • work with the community and in the community to foster opportunities for people with disability to participate in ways which will be valued.

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will support and encourage citizen advocates to:

  • provide protégés with real opportunities to maintain and develop skills and capacities which will support their aspirations and strengths
  • be responsive to the individual needs of protégés wishing to develop and maintain valued roles in the community
  • support protégés to have the opportunity to develop and maintain skills, capacities and lifestyles that are valued in the community
  • where possible and appropriate, support protégés to participate at conferences and brief them about the purpose of the meeting and their role as a participant.

Promoting ‘Valued Status’ in the community

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy’s community education/ awareness strategy will promote the abilities and competencies of people with disability. Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy recognises and promotes the inherent value of all people with disability and values the contributions and skills of people with disability and their family members/ carers.

Any publications or promotional material produced by Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will:

  • promote the abilities, skills and contributions to the community of people with disability, by using language which is image enhancing and which will promote valued social status of people with disability.
  • not use the term ‘disability’ in a negative way to attract support, financial or otherwise.
  • present the concerns of people with disability positively to the media, in publications, conferences etc
  • provide the best quality information available to people from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse background with disability and their carers in a culturally appropriate way.

Within our scope and available resources, Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy will develop and/or implement programs and activities in and with the community to promote valued status.

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