Who We Support
Who We Support


Things you need to know:

Citizen Advocacy is unlike any other Disability Advocacy service …

  • The concept calls for the establishment and support of a one-to-one relationship between a person with an intellectual disability who has unmet needs in one or more important life areas, and a resourceful and principled citizen who makes a personal, voluntary commitment to provide emotional and or practical support required to help meet the person’s needs.
  • Citizen Advocates are INDEPENDENT. They will do what they think is best for the person.
  • Citizen Advocates are not paid, reimbursed or compensated in any way.
  • We are a small program with limited capacity, covering a large area – we can’t help everyone we would like to help.
  • Your enquiry does not guarantee your entry into the program.
  • We do not keep a waiting list of people needing assistance.
  • We do not have advocates waiting to be matched.
  • We do not merely rely on referrals to meet individuals who need support – we will go out into the community and find the most vulnerable people ourselves.
  • It can take considerable time to find the right advocate for someone, often several months.
  • The only promise we can make is that we do our best to respond respectfully and helpfully to every enquiry we receive.

We support people with intellectual disability who:

  • need it the most;
  • have limited or no effective supports around them;
  • who are vulnerable, at risk and have unmet needs
  • are of any age;
  • are living within the Sunshine Coast area.


  • A welfare program;
  • A buddy program;
  • A volunteer visitor program;
  • A crisis care service;
  • A part of NDIS.


If we cant help you we will try to give you:

  • Other places to go
  • Other phone numbers to ring
  • Other people to talk to.
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