Newsletters contain information concerning the activities of Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy including stories, events, educational material and ongoing information. 

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Stories – Advocates in action, be inspired!

There are many wonderful stories of how Citizen Advocates have enhanced the lives of their protégé. Here is a small selection:

The Mark and Anthony story

Cam and Andrew’s story

A role model, a teacher, a protector and a dear friend

Back to family!

The significance of a long term relationships

Advocate meets Protégé

Relationships – what we can be mindful of!


Citizen Advocacy Trust of Australia (CATA)
Citizen Advocacy Launceston Region (Tas)
Citizen Advocacy South Australia

Citizen Advocacy Perth West (WA)
North East Citizen Advocacy (Vic)
Capricorn Citizen Advocacy (Rockhampton, QLD)
Citizen Advocacy Sunbury & Districts Inc. (Vic)


North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy (USA)
Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy (USA)
Do For One New York City (USA)

Citizen Advocacy Auckland (NZ)


DANA (Disability Advocacy Network Australia)

National Disability Advocacy Program – Advocacy for people with disability DVD 

Training video clips

The Heart of the Matter – Illawarra Advocacy

John Armstrong and Bob Lee discuss ideas and strategies for Advocacy for people with disability in meeting situations.

Bob Lee and John Armstrong discuss issues concerning advocacy for vulnerable people with disability.

Social Role Valorisation

Citizen Advocacy is underpinned by a philosophy known as Social Role Valorisation. Social Role Valorisation starts with the assumption that all societies tend to “devalue” (or not treat as valuable) certain classes of people, usually those who represent the opposite of what is valued in the society.  

Our society perceives a disability to be a negative attribute and one which has been associated with many misleading and very damaging perceptions which have caused great harm to people with disabilities.

The consequence of this has created a situation whereby today, people with disabilities continue to be treated in a negative and devalued manner with often little or no consideration for their personal attributes, competencies and potential for development.

Social Role Valorisation (SRV) refers to the concept that, association with people, roles and situations that are valued by society will enhance the image of people with disabilities and lead to their wider participation in society and the enhancement of their competencies and opportunities.

Social Role Valorisation (AUS)

Continuous Improvement, Policies and other useful information

Since 2020 Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy has continued to set up new ways to store important information so that it can be accessed quickly if you need it, even during the epidemic restrictions.  We have lots of resources that could be helpful to you, your advocate, or your family.  There is information on many subjects including your rights, interpreting services, Cultural Awareness, and the National Standards for Disability Services (even in an Easy English format). Plus, much more.  Donna Duncan and Les Pearce are available if you need our assistance to gather the information you need or help you make sense of it.

Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy’s Policies are reviewed every year and we keep a digital and a hard copy in our office for people to view and read.   If you need assistance to read, or have our policies explained to you, you can ask for us to arrange one of our staff to spend time with you to do this.  If you would like your own copy, please let us know and we will make a paper or electronic copy for you. 

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